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Where is possible to learn French in Lille?

by Catherine Molano on 29/04/2019
Where is possible to learn French in Lille?

It is sometimes difficult to understand a culture, a way of life and many others … If you do not master the language of the country. That’s why we thought of you. Here are some tips to quickly learn French; whether you are in Lille or France.Nowadays, there are multitudes of techniques to learn or improve French. This can be by reading, sharing moments with your friends … So, we will offer our solutions, and whatever your level.

By yourself

There are multitudes of opportunities to learn French for yourself, if you do not like contact with others. The first possibility is to read the different national newspapers (Le monde, le Figaro …), which will offer you the latest news of totally different worlds. In addition, you can also watch video or TV news. This solution is the most economical of all, and achievable wherever you are. However, there are also many applications such as Babel, which can help you improve your level, offering you multitudes of exercises. Whatever your current level in French.

By creating contact

It’s one of the easiest way to learn French quickly. It will be enough to you to go out between friends, or to make new friends forever if you do not have any. To do this, simply participate in events available in your city. To find them, just subscribe to the different groups that offer activities in the desired city. Moreover, it is very important for you that you force yourself to speak in French. Otherwise, all the work will be useless.

In different organizations

France is a multicultural country, so, it will be very easy to find organizations that will teach you the language. You will find them easily on the search engines as Google. These organizations will help you improve your language skills, without regarding your current level (A1 to C2). For example, in Lille, you will find organizations such as Lil’Langues or the Alliance Française. In addition, at the end of your training, you will be able to obtain certificates that prove your level. To be able to apply in French universities, without going through the exchanges like Erasmus.

In French universities

France offers you the opportunity to learn French in their many universities as the University in Lille. You can apply on the different universities websites, to improve your language level, to reach the minimum level to study in France (B2). As the courses are largely taught in French, it is better for you to have a good level. These courses are often held from July, for a duration of 2 months (until September). Thus, you will enjoy a quality education, while making friends from around the world. The bad point is that is a high price service (between 1200 and 2400 €).

You are now ready to learn French quickly, wherever you are. Feel free to visit our other blog posts, if you would like to discover more about our culture.

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