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What is Gotoo ?

Gotoo SAS GML Immobilier  with the website is a platform where people can rent out rooms to international students, expats, students and youth workers.  It’s originally started as a platform where exchange students can rent out their rooms during their exchange program.

A few years later it’s a global platform where demand and supply of rooms for international travelers meet each other,

Why should I pay and communicate through directly?

In general, because it’s safer and more secure for both of you. Let’s check the specifics.

For Tenants:

  1. We provide a guarantee that the room will be as described on our platform: when you move into your room, you have 48 hours to check it out and to notify Gotoo Lille Real Estate  of any problems.
  2.  provides many safeguards to protect you from being scammed. By paying outside , you are exposed to risks of fraud such as money-transfer scams. We cannot offer you any financial assistance in this case.

For Advertisers:

  1. We guarantee that your tenant will not cancel the booking: you make sure that your tenant will show up and actually rent your room. If he/she does not show up, they will not be reimbursed and you will still get the first month’s rent. Without our secure payment service, your tenant may cancel anytime, leaving you stuck in the mud and looking for a new tenant.
  2. We facilitate international payments:

Will Gotoo takes care of handing the keys?

Gotoo Lille Real Estate is a platform that brings together advertisers and searchers of accommodation. We are not mediating between the parties. This means that:

–       We are not responsible for the check-in in at your new accommodation.

–       We won’t take care of handing the keys when you arrive in your new accommodation. In addition, if the other party says that now they are not in the country after the booking and they will send you the keys, that is a strong indicator that the counterpart is a fraudster.

–       The contract is provided from the landlord after you have moved in your new room and not from Gotoo Lille Real Estate.

Once the booking is complete, you will receive the email address and the phone number of the advertiser through which you can confirm the last details of the booking (time of your arrival, delivery of the keys…).

If you see suspicious behaviour from the advertiser report this to

How the check-in works?

You should be at the address of the apartment at the time of the check-in and there will be the
person in charge of the check-in and check-out, all the details are sent by email once you have
made the appointment for the check-in.

Do I need a housing insurance?

Yes, you need an insurance, it is mandatory in France to have it, without it you cannot enter to the
apartment. It is an insurance for the apartment in case there is any damage like a fire, flood,
broken windows, etc. so that you don’t have to pay anything for it.

At what time can i check-in ?

The check-in and out are made during the business week from Monday to Friday, between 10:00
am and 12:00 am and 14:00 pm to 19:00 pm. It is impossible to check-in during the weekend and
late in the evening. For a better organisation it’s needed to organize a check-in meeting at least 2 days before your arrival.

How to get back the security deposit?

To get the deposit back, you have to send your bank account information to the owner so that he
can make the refund. It takes between 1 or 2 months to be refund depending on the case. So
please send your bank account information with the details of your case (reference of apartment,
date of departure) to this email: (owner mail)

Note that Gotoo Lille is not the landord, and we are not responsible of the security deposit

When can I get the security deposit back?

I depends on the case: if everything is in perfect conditions and the way it was at the beginning,
the owner has maximum 1 month to give it back to you, if there are some doubts, things to verify
or some problems, the owner has maximum two months to refund you the deposit.

How to pay the rent?

So you have 3 options to pay the rent and it has to be between the 1st and the 5th of each month:
1) Pay by cash at the owner’s bank or directly to him/her
2) Pay by wire transfer from the French account, you might have to open one (for the caf,
electricity account, etc.)
3) International wire transfer but it could be more complicated because of the bank fees and the
time it takes to be transferred

How to cancel your contract ?

For contract duration of more than 3 months, you have to send a Warning letter at least one month before your departure. For example when you arrive in Lille and you want to change your apartment, you have to send this letter. Note that the first month is due, and services fees cannot be refund. Only the security deposit can be refund if you let the flat in the same state as you found it

What amount will I receive from CAF with this apartment?

This is something we cannot tell you because it doesn’t depend on us. The eligibility to claim CAF benefits depends on different aspects like: the type of visa, the time of your stay in France, the type of apartment, the financial statement, etc.

The apartments we propose are eligible for CAF, but we cannot assure you that you will have it because it depends on other factors also.

Can I do the check-out before leaving the apartment?

No, it is not possible to do the check-in meeting before you leave the apartment because the purpose of the meeting is to verify the conditions of the apartment and to check if everything is as good as the beginning, in order to  establish if you can get the deposit back or not, if you will have the entire amount or not, etc.

Do I have to pay the rent of my last month even if I have paid the deposit?

Yes, you have to pay the rent of the last month because to get it back and to determine the amount, the owner needs to verify the apartment and see the conditions of it, and it is only possible once you leave the apartment.


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