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How does the CAF work ?

by Thomas Gotoo France on 28/09/2018
How does the CAF work ?

When moving in a new country, the administrative procedures are a nightmare for students.
By reading the following information about the housing aids, it will be as simple as child’s play for you.

In France, the institution that is responsible for the housing aids is called CAF (family allowances funds).

Before the application

First of all, you have to know if you are eligible or not.

To be eligible you need to meet the following criteria :

– be a student,

– live in a furnished accomodation,

– pay a rent.

If you fulfill these criteria, you can apply for aids and estimate it on
Important : it’s necessary to open a French bank account.


When applying, have with you your rental agreement, your bank account information slip and the amount of your financial resources of the previous year.

We recommend you doing it as soon as you enter your accomodation. Indeed, payments are made with one month of difference and the first month is not included. For exemple, if you move in in September and apply immediately, you will receive the first payment in November for the month of October.

After the application

If you are entitled to aids, you will have to upload the CAF mobile application. That is the way the CAF will use to communicate with you and it will help you to manage your account. For example, if an information is missing in your application form, the CAF will send you a message through the application.

At the moment of the payment, the aid can be directly paid to the landlord of the accomodation. In this case, the aid is deducted from the rent and you just have to pay the difference to the landlord. Otherwise, you receive the aid and have to pay the totality of the rent to the landlord.


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