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What to do regarding the OFFI procedure?

by Thomas Gotoo France on 19/04/2018
What to do regarding the OFFI procedure?

You just arrived in France with a French Visa and are staying more than 3 months? This article is for you!

If you ask for a “long stay” french visa, when you receive your passport with the visa approved, normally you will also receive a document with it, to present at the OFII when you arrive to France (the OFII certificate application form).

This procedure is very important as it will validate your visa and give you the permit to reside in France and move into the Schengen space without any problem.

For that, once you arrive to France, you have to send to the OFII office (of your city) the following information:

  • The OFII certificate application form (provided by the consulate when you applied for the visa) filled with the information missing (You visa Number, Date of arrival in France or Schengen area and your address in France)
  • Copy of your passport showing your identity
  • Copy of your visa
  • Copy of the entry stamp in France or the Schengen area

Once the OFII has received these documents, they will send you:

  • A letter notifying that they have received them
  • A convocation for a medical visit, in order to validate the visa.
  • A letter-stamp asking you to buy a stamp. You can buy this stamp online, at a tobacconist or in a tax center. (The price depends on the type of visa)

Family and private life – wife/husband of a french person (241€)

Visiteur  (241€)

Student (58€)

Intern (58€)

Scientific researcher (241€)

Employee (241€)

Temporary worker (exempt)

The day of the medical visit, you need to bring the following information:

  • Your passport including the visa
  • Proof of address
  • A photo ID (face, bareheaded)
  • The letter-stamp and the stamp according to the amount told in the letter-stamp

The medical examination will include:

– A general clinical examination

– A chest x-ray

– A check of your vaccines

You will also receive advice and addresses of care centers when needed. At the end of the visit, you will receive a medical certificate, which contains no indication of your state of health but is absolutely necessary to obtain your residence permit.

Finally, once these formalities have been done, your file will be complete and the OFII will validate your visa: you will receive a sticker and a stamp bearing the date in your passport, like the following :

The sticker will indicate an identification number, your OFII file number, your address in France and the validity period of your visa. This confirms the validity of your visa and proves that you are staying in France.


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