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The essential guide of the new resident of Lille

by Catherine Molano on 14/05/2019
The essential guide of the new resident of Lille

If you want to know the essential about the everyday life in Lille. You are reading the good article. We will propose you some advices and places to integrate this beautiful city. You can also read our last article, to know where to spend a week-end near Lille.

Where to live in Lille

One of the best architectural of Lille.

One of the priorities when you arrive in a new city is to find the right place to live. Good neighborhood, good price .. For that, we thought of you!

Lille is a city center that concentrates a few neighborhoods. To familiarize yourself and chose the main neighborhoods, you need a B.A-BA. Bohemian life, take a look at the Wazemmes district. If Lille is a city center, we advise you to learn about things to do around.

Where to eat at the restaurant?

Oh, Lille and the restoration, it’s a great love story! If at first you will not be able to avoid the northern specialties of the breweries and other estaminets, the world of the restoration is as vast as rich. Many concepts open frequently, and it will be difficult to try everything … Do not panic, we help you by giving you some of our favorites!

Where to have a drink?

If you’re not used to meeting friends in bars or doing afterwork, you’ll have to fix it! Because the bars are the place of the social cement of the city. At the difference of other regions, people can easily gather each other for …. the APERO! This is obviously the perfect place to make new friends (the Lillois is not shy) and do not be surprised to feel like the best friend of a stranger in a few hours. Even if there will not necessarily be a tomorrow, it will have been sincere for an evening! With this base, you should get out the first weeks ?

  • La Capsule, beer bar
  • The bar braz, wine bar
  • The Kremlin, a vodka bar
  • St So, events bar
  • The gap, artists / intellectuals bar

For gourmands, we even have a barathon!

Frankly, the bars, it’s really not what Lille lacks so try a max and you will necessarily enjoy.

Where to dance all night?

Lille has the reputation of being a festive city. Don’t worry, it’s true! And the closing of the bars doesn’t mean the end of the evenings. It is the moment that Lille people chose to go to do his favorite hobby: dance. Not very aesthetic, not always comfortable with his body but uninhibited. And that’s the main thing. Here are the top addresses to dance along the night:

  • The Stairway (Old Lille)
  • Baron (Downtown)
  • The Folies (Old Lille)

Why Lille is better than Paris?

Finally, to complete your integration in the Lille pot, you are encouraged to know why you are better in Lille than in Paris. If you just arrived, know that you are welcome. If you are a good living, you love life, you are able to talk to a dog, you will feel here at home!


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