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Where to live in Lille? The Vauban district…

by Catherine Molano on 18/06/2019
Where to live in Lille? The  Vauban district…

The Vauban district is generally the one that we will call the student district but above all, we call it the “green” district of Lille. We like to walk there starting with the most wood boulevard of the city. That is to say there you can go to the parks, practice running or bicycle, even to improvise picnics during the beautiful days.

Parks and sports refuge in Lille

We considered Vauban as the Lille’s lung, the Bois de Boulogne is the main example with the majestic citadel of Lille, built by Vauban himself. It is easy to get lost taking small wild trails and enjoy a quiet moment. The Bois de Boulogne also has the chance to host the Lille Zoo, perfect for a short family outing. Young people and groups of friends like to use green spaces during the summer months to play football, sunbathe, talk and drink freely. The braves improvise “wild” barbecues in the midst of many sportsmen who like running in this park.

Right next to the Bois de Boulogne, the “small” Vauban garden offers a flowery and intimate space. Here again, the lawns are occupied by young people as soon as the sun comes out. Finally, the Quai du Wault is a nice stop if you want to visit the streets of Old Lille.

An important student life

If Lille is a student city, the Vauban district is the most beautiful example. Universities, schools, colleges, high schools improvise. Thus, the shops of paninis and kebabs tend to work well. And what about bars with “happy hours”. Despite everything, except the corner Masséna Solférino, the neighborhood is quite quiet at night. Moreover, the Vauban district is located in the heart of Lille, this area has many advantages, including being served by public transport, but it is not the area with the most soul.

A booming neighborhood

The recent development of the Citadelle Park with restaurants on barges, bars, activities makes it one of the most attractive and lively areas of the moment in Lille. The worry of breathing well and getting closer to nature while enjoying the edges of Deule must weigh in this trend …

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