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Hi There, I am Thomas and welcome to the Gotoo France website. I have created this service after many trips abroad, and I know how hard it is to settle in a new city.

Feel free to contact us we can search your accommodation, help you with your VISA, your  caf file, buy your housing insurance and many more services to make your settlement easier in France

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+33 699 89 92 32

Finding a right place to live in a new city is a daunting task for a lot of people. They might hesitantly resort on some internet postings for immediate solace neglecting critical investigation. it’s too late when they found that they were tricked or ill-informed after hastily selecting a wrong accommodation.

We help you to  make a right decision to settle in your new accommodation

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Housing Research

We start our relationship with an online chat to analyze your need and your housing project.

Online Chat Gotoo World Expert in housing rental online
Online chat with the expert of the housing research Gotoo

We know, that’s an important decision to book an apartment for a long period, that’s why we take the time to collect all the questions or doubt you can have regarding an accommodation offer. We take all the questions you asked about the accommodation you like, and we will get the answer directly from the landlord

Gotoo World communicate with the landlord

In order to rent a flat, we need to present to the owner specific documents. Don’t worry, we will tell you all we need to apply for the flat you want to book  

Gotoo World rents flats all around the world
Rental file creation for the french housing market

Once your file is accepted by the owner, we will guide you to make the payment and to sign the housing contract

Gotoo France Housing service signature
Gotoo signature

In France, it’s mandatory to buy a specific insurance for your flat. The name is Housing Insurance. We help you to buy it online with one of the best insurance company !

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Once you are well arrived in your apartment, we do not let you in the nature ! We have created tutorials to help you during and after your stay !

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We know that when you arrive in a new city, it’s difficult to have an intensive social life ! With our partnership with Peetaya, you can contact local people to chat with them, ask your questions and start your new life in your new home

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Peetaya official partner of Gotoo to welcome Expats and Erasmus students



3 steps to book your apartment

Step 1

Just fill the booking engine with your criteria, and clic on search!

Step 2

Select the flats you want and make a booking demand

Step 3

Our housing manager will contact you to finalize the booking process

CONTACT US DIRECTLY or by WhatsApp +336 998 992 32


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