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Where to jog or go for a bike ride in Lille ?

For the ones who would love to go jogging or go for a bike ride in Lille, there are several places in which you could do so. And it can be either in an urban or natural setting. You’ll find in this article multiple running spots to get in shape with a nice setting : […]

Gotoo France presents you the Catholic University of Lille

Created in 1875, the Catholic University of Lille is a private multidisciplinary institution. It is France’s largest private non-profit university. It welcomes more than 35,000 students, including more than 6200 international students. It is composed of 5 faculties, 20 Prestigious Schools, Schools, and Institutes, offering many study opportunities in the following fields: Law, Economics, Management, […]

Gotoo France presents you the University of Lille

The University of Lille is one of the largest public universities in France. Created in Douai in 1560 and then moved to Lille in 1896, it has more than 72,000 students, including more than 9,500 international students from 150 different nationalities. It is a university renowned throughout France for the quality of the education it […]

Which phone plan do students prefer ?

Students have a lot of expenses, so why add extra costs with an exorbitantphone plan? Indeed, students tend to prefer cheap phone plans without too much commitment. The ideal remains for them a subscription with unlimited sms/mms, cheap call prices or even unlimited and especially with this new generation, students want to have internet everywhere.- […]

Gotoo Lille presents you Skema Business School

SKEMA is a network of 6 campuses in 4 different countries : France Brazil China United States It is one of the most prestigious French business schools (6th in the Figaro Etudiant’s ranking) For its accreditations, the Prestigious Schools conference accredits SKEMA as well as its specialized Masters (MS) and some of its MSc, in […]

Do you know the places of Street Art in Lille?

In this article, we will introduce you to the places in Lille where you can observe Street Art!  #1 : Roubaix With more than 80 spots and 40 frescos, Roubaix is a must in terms of Street Art in the region! Moreover, it is a city of the Lille metropolis very well served by the […]

What are the best places to eat well and cheaply in Lille ?

In this article we are going to present you the addresses in Lille to eat good and cheap ! As you know, France is known worldwide for its gastronomy and its art of living, and Lille is no exception to the rule : you can find almost 2000 restaurants in the city. So here are […]

What places should we visit in Lille ?

In this article you will see as local point of view the places you have to see during your stay in Lille

Are you aware of which mobile applications are essential in France ?

In this article, we will reveal 8 mobile applications that you must have on your phone when living in France. They are all free and downloadable on Android and Iphone ! #1: Illevia Illevia is the app you absolutely must have for your travels in the Lille metropolis ! The application has many functions : […]

Do you know the dates of Covid decontamination in France ?

In this article you will find the dates of decontamination in France Since March 2019, sanitary measures in France are constantly evolving. So if you are a bit lost, here are the main stages of the French decontamination process with, at the end, a return to normal life from July 2021!  #1: May 3rd  Since […]

Tenants: 4 tips to be eco-friendly!

We all have our share of responsibility in preserving the environment: thus, all gestures, however small they may seem, are important, yours included. We have listed 5 eco-gestures to respect to be a green tenant!  1. Heat yourself, yes, but sensibly! Electric heating is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to global […]