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Coliving Monnier

Coliving Monnier


Product Description

Hi, I’m Monnier!

I take my name from a Venus crater dedicated to King Arthur’s wife!

I am a contemporary and rustic residence, born in the 18th century, in Lambersart near Lille. Just a few minutes from Lille train station and 15 minutes from the city center, I am easily accessible by metro line 2 (right in front of the house).

I am spacious: 450m2, enough to accommodate the vibrant lives of 15 happy tenants. My plan to delight you? Two living rooms, two kitchens, dining areas, a large shared garden, a coworking space that can be transformed into a TV room if you wish! All in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

And because you may want to share rent but not your privacy, I offer each individual their own bedroom with a private bathroom. Who could ask for more?

Virtual tour :

Ready to live with me? Step out of the ordinary, step into your home. You’re at Colonies, Welcome home!