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Tax system solution

Solution for the french tax system!

More and more of our clients investing in France are facing tax issues. The main questions remain the optimization of real estate income and the filing of the necessary documents. The need for assistance in case of a tax audit from the French tax authorities is also increasing.

In this respect, Gotoo decided to resort to a tax lawyer, Nicolas Rozenbaum. Mr Rozenbaum is also an international taxation lecturer  in several business schools (IESEG, CNAM).

Mr Nicolas Rozenbaum is fluent in English and is located in Paris. 


Area of expertise

advice and defense of your  interests in case of a tax audit in the following matters: 

Individual taxation:

  • Income tax (income tax returns, real estate income, capital gains, dividends, professional income, stock-options, free attribution of shares, etc.);

  • Wealth tax (wealth tax returns, “pactes Dutreil”, etc.);

  • Registration fees (business transfers, transfer of shares, of business assets, gifts, inheritance, etc.);

  • Internation taxation (regularisation of foreign untaxed assets, trusts, determination of the tax residency, French non-resident taxation, impatriates and expatriates taxation, etc.).

Corporate taxation:

  • Reviews of corporate income tax returns and calculation of the corporate income tax charge ;

  • Tax treatment of intra-group flows;

  • Tax consolidation group regime ;

  • Corporate restructuring (mergers, acquisitions, contribution of assets, etc.) ;

  • International taxation (head office relocations, cross-border flows/withholding tax, international restructuring, etc.).