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Understanding the Mandatory Home Insurance in France

Understanding the Mandatory Home Insurance in France

Introduction: what is home insurance?

Home insurance is an essential part of protecting your tenancy and your peace of mind.🏡💼
There are two common types of cover for your property and liability: minimum legal cover and extended cover.⚖️🔒

  • The minimum legal cover offers basic protection that includes :
    civil liability, criminal defence, water damage, fire, explosion, natural, technological and terrorist disasters, as well as rehousing if necessary. These essential elements guarantee minimum cover to help you cope with the most common situations.💧🔥⛈️🏢💼
  • Extended cover, on the other hand, goes beyond the statutory minimum and offers more comprehensive protection. It usually includes additional elements such as theft, vandalism, glass breakage and locksmith repairs. With this type of cover, you can protect yourself against a wider range of risks and concerns relating to your home.🚔👀🔨🔐

Here are a few concrete examples to help you understand the importance of taking out home insurance:

Civil Liability: Imagine you’re having a party at home and one of your guests slips and injures himself on your wet kitchen floor. Without Civil Liability home insurance, you could be liable for medical expenses and possible legal action. However, by taking out a home insurance policy like LUKO, you are protected. The insurance will cover the medical costs of your injured guest and defend you in the event of a legal dispute, saving you from a precarious financial situation.💸🏥

Water damage, fire and explosions: Imagine a water pipe bursting in your kitchen and flooding your house, damaging your furniture and appliances. Without the right home insurance, you would be responsible for all repair and replacement costs. With a home insurance policy such as LUKO, however, you are covered for water damage, fire and explosion. The insurance would cover the cost of repairing or replacing damaged property, enabling you to recover more quickly from such an incident.💦🔥💥🔧🏠

Natural disasters: Suppose your region is hit by a violent storm that damages your home. Without a home insurance policy that includes cover for natural disasters, you would be solely responsible for the cost of rebuilding. However, by choosing LUKO, a comprehensive home insurance policy, you would be protected. The insurance would cover the damage caused by natural disasters, allowing you to rebuild your home without bearing the entire financial burden.🌪️🏚️🔁💰

Relocation and emergency repairs: Imagine if your home became temporarily uninhabitable due to a major fire. You would be forced to find alternative accommodation, which would entail additional expenses. With a home insurance policy like LUKO, you are covered for relocation and emergency repairs. The insurance would cover the costs of temporary accommodation and breakdown assistance, offering you a quick and practical solution in difficult times, without leaving you homeless or without assistance.🚚🏠🔧🆘

By understanding the importance of home insurance and choosing the right coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your home and belongings are protected against unexpected events. So make sure to explore your options and find a suitable home insurance policy that meets your specific needs. 💡✅

Why we chose Luko? :

All subscription conditions are online 🖥

Clear, customisable contracts to insure what matters to you in just a few clicks. As an added bonus, cancellations are 100% taken care of. 📝💼💡🔒

They’re very accommodating, because their teams answer you every day (even on Sundays). 🙌💁‍♂️🗓️📞

Efficient support. If you have a problem, report it on the application, with photos and videos, and they’ll suggest a solution. 📱📸📹🛠️

Gotoo has successfully negotiated a complimentary month of home insurance for both its valued customers and dedicated mobile community.🎉🏠🆓

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