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6 essential tips to find your cheap flight ticket

6 essential tips to find your cheap flight ticket

Finding affordable airfare can be a real challenge, especially when you’re looking to travel far away or during peak travel periods. However, there are several strategies for finding cheap airfare without sacrificing the quality of your trip. Here are six tips for finding affordable airfare, whether you are traveling from your home country to France, or visiting our beautiful country during your stay.

Plan ahead

One of the best ways to get cheap airfare is to plan ahead. Airline tickets are usually cheaper when purchased several months before the departure date. So try to plan your trip several months in advance to get the lowest fares.

Be flexible

If you are flexible about the date and time of your trip, you can find air tickets for much lower prices. Mid-week flights, night flights or very early morning flights are often cheaper than weekend or evening flights.

Use flight comparators

There are many online flight comparison tools that allow you to compare fares from different airlines. These tools are very useful for finding the lowest fares and special offers, and can also help you find flights with cheaper stopovers. We know Kayak, Trivago but Google Flights is also a great flight comparison tool, feel free to check out the real thing on our Instagram @gotoolille! 

Look for special offers

Many airlines have special offers and promotions on their flight tickets. Subscribe to their newsletter (like or to be informed of current offers and don’t hesitate to follow airlines on social networks to be aware of special offers and discounts.

Travel out of season

If you can travel outside the peak travel periods, you can get much cheaper fares. Low season months are usually January, February, April, May and November. Airlines often offer significant discounts on flights during these months.

Use frequent flyer programmes

Airline frequent flyer programmes can also be very beneficial. They offer miles for every flight taken, which can be exchanged for free tickets or discounts on future flights.

In summary, there are several tips for finding cheap air tickets. By planning ahead, being flexible, using flight comparators, looking for special offers, travelling out of season and using loyalty programmes, you can find affordable air tickets and save money on your trip.

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