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Are you aware of which mobile applications are essential in France ?

Are you aware of which mobile applications are essential in France ?

In this article, we will reveal 8 mobile applications that you must have on your phone when living in France. They are all free and downloadable on Android and Iphone !

#1: Illevia

Illevia is the app you absolutely must have for your travels in the Lille metropolis ! The application has many functions : real-time access to bus and metro timetables, the possibility of finding the public transport route between one place and another, and information on the various transport tickets. As a reminder, a single journey costs €1.70 and a monthly subscription costs around €25 !

#2: Doctolib

Doctolib is an application that allows you to quickly and easily find a doctor online near you. It’s very simple to use : you enter the profession you want to consult (GP, PCR test, dermatologist, etc..) as well as your location and that’s it !

#3: Ouisncf

If you don’t know this application yet, it will soon become your best friend ! Ouisncf is the number one application in France for booking your train journeys. Thanks to this application, you will be able to book your tickets and discover the region or other countries. Here are some examples of destinations from Lille: Paris (10€ one way in 1h), Brussels (20€ one way in 1h30) and Amsterdam (50€ in 4h).

#4: Toogoodtogo

It’s possible to eat locally at low prices and protect the planet ! Too good to go is a mobile application that fights against food waste by selling unsold products at low prices. To take advantage of it, nothing could be easier : Partner shops and bakeries post the number of available baskets online every day, you book and pick up the basket at the agreed time ! 

#5: Leboncoin

Want to buy new furniture or used appliances for your home ? Leboncoin is the solution! Leboncoin is a platform that connects individuals who want to sell their used or new goods (furniture, appliances, multimedia…) at unbeatable prices. If you like a good, you just have to contact the seller and pick it up ! 

#6 : Blablacar

Blablacar is an application that connects drivers who have extra space in their car. Blablacar is a good-for-the-planet alternative and allows you to travel to destinations that may not be served by trains, which is sometimes cheaper !

#7: Vinted

Vinted is a community that specialises in selling second-hand items with 37 million members ! Instead of throwing away clothes you no longer wear, sell them ! You can also buy cheap second-hand items and have them delivered to you at a relay point !

#8: Molotov

Thanks to Molotov, you can watch French TV channels for free. The only condition is that you have a wifi network or an internet package !

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