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Do you know the dates of Covid  decontamination in France ?

Do you know the dates of Covid decontamination in France ?

In this article you will find the dates of decontamination in France

Since March 2019, sanitary measures in France are constantly evolving. So if you are a bit lost, here are the main stages of the French decontamination process with, at the end, a return to normal life from July 2021! 

#1: May 3rd 

Since Monday 3 May, health rules have been slightly relaxed ! High schools and colleges are partially reopening and you can now travel between regions without a derogation certificate. So you can travel in France wherever you want ! Nevertheless, be careful : the 7pm curfew is still in effect. 

#2 : 19 May

From 19 May, there will be real changes in terms of health rules in the country. First of all, the curfew will still be there but it will be shifted to 9pm ! Shops, bars, restaurants, cultural venues, sports halls and cinemas will finally reopen ! Be careful though, as there will be important precautions to take : no tables larger than 6 people in restaurants and only outside, gatherings of more than 10 people will also be forbidden. If you want to know the best cheap restaurants and places to visit in Lille, don’t hesitate to check our articles on these subjects ! 

#3 : June 9th

Good news! From this date, the borders will be open to foreign tourists (with a health pass) and the curfew will be shifted to 11pm ! You will also be able to go to restaurants and bars (and not only on the terraces), to cultural and sports venues that could not open on 19 May. Gatherings of less than 1000 people will also be allowed ! Moreover, French people should be able to travel to most foreign countries without compelling reasons.

#4 : 30 June 

On 30 June, we will finally get back to a more normal life (while respecting some barrier gestures). The curfew will be lifted, no more attestations, no more gauges in cultural places and restaurants. Gatherings of more than 1000 people will also be allowed ! 

As a reminder, foreign students (even from outside Europe) who wish to study in France in a partner university have the right to come to the country under several conditions : a negative PCR test, an international travel attestation indicating the reason for the travel as well as one or more documents justifying the reason for this travel.

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