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Do you know the places of Street Art in Lille?

Do you know the places of Street Art in Lille?

In this article, we will introduce you to the places in Lille where you can observe Street Art! 

#1 : Roubaix

With more than 80 spots and 40 frescos, Roubaix is a must in terms of Street Art in the region! Moreover, it is a city of the Lille metropolis very well served by the metros. Once you arrive in Roubaix, we advise you to walk around the city. Here are the places where you will find the most street art: the Pile district (where the Condition Publique is located), the RemyCo workshop, the Jouret workshop and many others! 

#2 : Lille-Sud

In the south of Lille, in the Moulins district, you’ll find various Street Art works by the Renart collective (an association of renowned artists)! Here are the streets where you will find their works: Place Fernig, 66 and 70 rue Fénelon and the façade of Le Flow! 

#3 : Saint-Sauveur station

The old Saint-Sauveur train station is located in the centre of Lille, you can see a lot of street art around this place! Mainly at 25 boulevard Jean Baptiste Lebas and at 2 rue de Maubeuge and also around the Gare Saint-Sauveur! 

 #4 : Tourcoing

In this city of the Lille metropolis, the Renart collective has left its mark! At La Tossée, you will discover works by 20 artists on the walls of a former factory! Even if Tourcoing is a bit far from Lille, the city is served by subways! 

#5 : Wazemmes

While walking in the district of Wazemmes, you’ll come across some very nice Street Art works! To find them, go to the corner of rue de l’abbé aerts and rue Jules Guesde, 4 and 65 rue des Sarrazins, the Gambetta metro station (mural by Poes & Jober) and all the small streets around rue de Wazemmes! 

#6 : Hellemmes

Like many cities in the Lille metropolitan area, Hellemmes is home to many street art works that are worth a visit! Here are some addresses: 163 rue Roger Salengro, Rue Jean Bart and Rue Dordin! 

#7 : Quartier du Bois Blanc

At 62 rue Mermoz, at the corner of rue Coli & rue Mermoz and at 14 chemin des vachers, you will have the opportunity to discover colourful works by international artists! 

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