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What are the best places to eat well and cheaply in Lille ?

What are the best places to eat well and cheaply in Lille ?

In this article we are going to present you the addresses in Lille to eat good and cheap !

As you know, France is known worldwide for its gastronomy and its art of living, and Lille is no exception to the rule : you can find almost 2000 restaurants in the city. So here are the best restaurant addresses in Lille to eat a variety of food without breaking the bank ! 

#1 : La friterie des Lilas

Located between the St-Maurice-Pellevoisin and the Old Lille, the friterie des Lilas is considered as the best friterie in Lille ! You will be able to discover in this restaurant the speciality of the north: the frites-fricadelles ! The prices are very affordable: count approximately 10€ for a menu.

Address : 40 Rue Saint-Gabriel

#2 : La belleza

Come and discover Lille’s must-visit Italian restaurant where you will eat in a refined setting in the heart of Old Lille ! La belleza offers a wide range of Italian specialities which are much talked about in the city. To eat a dish in this restaurant, you should plan on a budget of about ten euros. A word of advice: remember to make a reservation before you come, it’s a very popular place ! 

Address: 126 Rue Esquermoise

#3: L’assiette Thaï

L’assiette Thaï is a small restaurant serving Thai specialities located not far from the Place de la République. In this restaurant you will find good home-made dishes served generously with a menu that does not exceed 10€ ! 

Address: 90 rue Leon Gambetta

#4: Sushi Boutik

This Japanese speciality restaurant on rue Solférino offers fresh and varied dishes with very good value for money ! The range of dishes is very large, from sushi to maki, including california rolls, you will eat Japanese without breaking the bank ! 

address : 133 rue Solférino

#5 : Pancook

If you want to taste French dishes with local products, it’s here ! Pancook serves tasty dishes for about 15€, the setting is ideal and the atmosphere is friendly ! The little extra: you can taste northern dishes such as potjevleesch, Flemish carbonnade or welsh.

Address: 125 Rue Colbert

#6: Unik Kebab

If you are a big fan of Kebab, good news ! The 3 best Kebabs in France are in Lille. The number 1 since 2016, Unik Kebab, offers kebabs with home-made fries, all at an affordable price : the menus do not exceed 10 euros ! Little info : Unik Kebab has 3 locations in Lille (Lille centre, Lille moulins and Vieux-Lille), so don’t forget to check which one is closer to your home ! 

#7: Los 3 Compadres

Los 3 compadres is a restaurant with a friendly atmosphere, run by 3 Mexican friends ! On the menu : Tacos, burritos, fajitas and much more. The products are fresh and cooked in the Mexican tradition ! The price for a hearty dish is around 10 euros ! 

Address: 80 Rue Brûle Maison

#8: Les petits poissons

If you want to treat yourself to fresh fish, this is the place to go ! Les petits poissons is the first seafood bar in Lille ! You can find seafood platters, fish tapas, rillettes… at unbeatable prices (even if it represents a certain budget).

Address: 66 Boulevard Jean Baptiste Lebas

#9 : Wally’s Coffee

If you’re feeling peckish and want to enjoy desserts in a cosy and original place, go to Wally’s Coffee ! Lille’s favourite tea room welcomes you with generous and gourmet brownies, hot drinks, milkshakes and brunches. Homemade products with a good quality-price ratio ! What more could you want ? 

Address: 133 rue du Molinel 

#10: Meert

Located in the heart of Old Lille, Meert is the most famous pastry shop in Lille. In a chic and refined universe, you will have the opportunity to discover the excellence of French pastries in the pastry shop. The price of some pastries can be as high as 6 euros, but believe me, it’s worth it ! 

Address: 27 rue Esquermoise

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